Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment More Affordable, More Flexible

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The Citizenship by Investment Unit announced several changes adding increased value to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, effective immediately and remaining in place until 31 March 2018.

A. Child Dependants

Children of the main applicant or of his or her spouse will now qualify as dependants up until their 31st birthday. In other words, a child aged between 18 and 30 will be able to be added to an application. Previous requirements for full time attendance at a recognised institution of higher learning and full support on the part of the main applicant remain, except in the case of unmarried daughters living with and fully supported by the main applicant.

B. Parent and Grandparent Dependants

Uniquely for the Caribbean, parents and grandparents who are over the age of 55 but who are married to someone younger than 55 will now qualify their spouses as dependants. The change is in line with Dominica’s policy of keeping families united under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

C. New-born Children

The fee for children born to the main applicant after the grant of Dominican citizenship has been reduced from US$2,000 to US$500.

D. Due Diligence Fee for Spouses

The due diligence fee for a spouse has been reduced from US$7,500 to US$4,000, bringing the cost in line with that of other adult dependants applying for Dominican citizenship.

E. Processing Fee

The US$3,000 processing fee, due upon submission of an application, has been reduced to US$1,000 per application.

F. Certificate of Naturalisation Fee

The cost of a Certificate of Naturalisation, the most essential document an applicant can receive from Dominica to demonstrate his or her citizenship, has been reduced from US$750 per certificate to US$250 per certificate

G. Adding and Removing Dependants: A Flexible Approach

Although most applicants will have made a decision with respect to which dependants to include in their application prior to submission, some may need to make last-minute alterations. The Unit will now consider requests to add a dependant so long as such a request is made prior to Approval in Principle. It will also consider requests to remove dependants even after Approval in Principle, but no later than the full payment of the investment. The Unit’s flexibility takes account of the fluidity of modern families, and demonstrates regard for event such as the birth of a child.